How to Be…Natural.

by Lindsay Timmington


That was my immediate response to the theme of Day 18 for the yoga girl Instagram challenge.  Mother Nature! The post read…take of your shoes and connect to the earth with your bare feet!


I know ladies in NYC who won’t even wear SANDALS on the streets of Manhattan, so the idea of going barefoot in NYC, even for a challenge that I was enjoying the hell out of posed a bit of a conundrum.  Like all the other days for the past few weeks I looked at the challenge early in the morning and chewed on the theme until voila! just like that, at some point in the day, the answer arrived.

For me it came in the from of a trip across the Hudson to Liberty and Ellis Island, respectively. With my brother (NYC virgin!) in town, I was hell bent on making sure my baby brother saw all the NYC staples during his visit. This of course included a trip to Lady Liberty herself as well as Ellis Island. While walking those beautiful grounds after a trip across the river I realized that I had my opportunity to kiss Mother Nature smack on the lips right in front of me.

I scoped out a patch of grass that was relatively goose-poop free (frankly goose poop seemed the most innocent of all things in NYC that one’s bare skin could come in contact with) and made my way into a headstand.  No, it wasn’t bare feet, but I’ve never liked to play by the rules and this was no exception.

As I stared at the upside down statue and skyline I realized that while NYC indeed is a concrete jungle, it’s a concrete jungle with some amazing nature sprinkled throughout the city.  A walk through Central Park and you can almost forget you’re in a city of 8 million.  Sitting in Bryant Park on a late summer night provides a natural and beautiful respite from the pace of this magnificent city. A trip across the Hudson reminds you that you are indeed on an island and that island is, in fact surrounded by a gorgeous body of water.

While Mother Nature in NYC may not be everyone’s idea of the great outdoors it certainly encompasses nature and beauty in addition to a beautiful smattering of humanity, art, culture and opportunity. And that’s a smashing combination as far as I’m concerned. photo 2

photo 1