How to Be…I love you.

by Lindsay Timmington

When I was in high school my favorite teacher told us that he rarely said I love you to his wife and children. He said he preferred to use the word love as a verb and made sure that they felt his love through his actions and not his words.

A few months ago a friend of mine posted to social media saying that she thought the phrase I love you has been overused and is now devoid of meaning as a result of people saying they loved everything from the latest song on the radio to doughnuts to their life partner. In her eyes, the more you said I love you, the more it weakened the meaning. Her argument was that I love you should be reserved for the most special people and things in your life.

I’d argue that I love you is something that we should spread faster and furiously. Because to tell someone you love them is powerful. To express love for something big or small is powerful. To use words filled with love in a world filled with hate is quite possibly the most powerful thing in the world.

So today, on Day 17 of the Yoga Girl Instagram Challenge I dedicate today’s theme: I love you, to my parents.

I was a lucky kid for a lot of reasons but one of the biggest reasons is that I heard I love you every damn day of my life. Not only did I hear I love you but I felt it too-every day.  In my childhood, and even as an adult, love is used as a word and I never want for it. As a kid, not a night went by that I didn’t lay in bed and hear my parents call to me from the hallway on the way to their bedroom, “Goodnight Lou, I love you.”

My wish is that everyone be lucky enough to hear I love you all the time and know it’s true. My wish is that we hear words of love far more than words of vitriol and hate.  And while there are many people and many things in this world that I love with the fiercest of all passions, I know I can attribute that generosity of love to two people that I happen to love very much.  So thanks Mom, thanks Dad. I love you. photo