How to Be…Clean.

by Lindsay Timmington

Day 14 of the Yoga Girl challenge is CLEAN OUT and let me tell you, I’m so flipping excited abut this challenge I could scream.  I love, love, love to clean-out, purge, declutter and donate. I wasn’t always like this, collecting things and not relinquishing them back into the universe because I’d decided that the thing and not my head and heart held the memory attached.

That changed the more I moved.  I was quickly forced to evaluate what truly had sentimental value and what could be released back to the world, with only the associated memory remaining with me. I implemented the “six month” rule when it came to clothes and shoes, purging those items if they hadn’t been worn in six months.

Selfishly, I loved driving up to Goodwill (or walking to my neighborhood thrift shop, as the case may be here) and handing over goods that I had used and loved to someone so they could live a second life, perhaps with someone who needed them more than I ever did.

So today this challenge was both easy and hard, being that I live in an apartment of approximately 20 square feet I don’t and can’t keep a lot of superfluous things around. BUT! I can always find something to purge and today that came in the form of underwear.

No, seriously. This underwear, nice un-worn Victoria’s Secret set of panties has been chilling in my drawer for the past year seeing about as much action as I have in the past six months. They were expensive, and while super soft and awesomely comfortable they don’t cover my ass.  No, I didn’t get the wrong size, the Victoria’s Secret ladies deceived me spouting some business about “mostly full coverage” to get me to to the cash register.

Now here’s the thing you’re going to quickly and perhaps unwillingly learn about me. From past experience I know all to well that I’m the type of gal who both literally and figuratively needs to have her ass covered at all times. So these panties just ain’t gonna work and no matter how many times I have reached for them in the drawer, (so silky! so pretty!) I am not, have not and will not be wearing them.  So they go.

Day 14, I see your challenge and raise you one set of panty purges.



Sidebar and almost completely unrelated: Right after  I put those panties in a bag to be purged I rolled out my mat for a bit o’ yoga. For the first time EVER, I did a handstand completely unassisted and hung out in the air, on my own, for nearly ten seconds. After doing a little dance with Fable all around my apartment I realized that letting go doesn’t always have to be painful or sad because more often than not it makes room for amazing new things to enter your life.