How to Be…Manifested.

by Lindsay Timmington

Day 8 of @yoga_girl #yogagirlchallenge is Manifesting Dreams.

To me, manifestation often feels like my inversion practice. I know the drive, strength and ability is there to lift me up but once I’m flying it’s sometimes hard to believe I won’t fall. Right now I have a pocket full of dreams, including three biggies that I know can be mine if I can shift my perception to believe that once I’m up I’ll be supported, and if something is out of alignment or whack I’ll return to the ground -not to quit-but to find a different way back into the air again.

I also know that airing my dreams out to the world, saying them out loud and putting pen to paper, can be a powerful manifestation tool—so as difficult as it may be to expose a deeply vulnerable part of myself I’m happy to do so if it inspires someone else to do the same and walks my dreams one step closer to reality. Here are my three biggies—some I’ve had tethered to my heart from a young age, others are relatively new.

1) Get my AEA card.  The Actor’s Equity Association is a powerful tool in this city as it is the key to getting the auditions for productions performed in off Broadway and Broadway houses which also mean a paycheck and protection under the union rules. Since I was very very little it’s been my dream to be on Broadway and though that dream has shapeshifter a bit after being exposed to the politics behind Broadway, it remains an ultimate goal.  I don’t care if I’m 89 years old standing next to the potted plant, stage right, holding a silver tray and saying nothing, it’s something I do before I die-I promise you that. My equity card would walk me one step closer to that goal and within the next year it will be something I’ll carry proudly in my wallet.

2) Give this blog some legs. To run into the nearest publishers office and sign a book deal. I’ve written since I was very young, and while my writing as a youngster contained a lot of “I hate my mom! Life is so unfair! I love Mike Vitar!” on the pages, it’s something that’s always felt like a logical extension of myself.  I feel as good after writing as I do on the stage, after a long run or a yoga class. It’s all about connection to me, truth-telling and this is one of the ways I do it.  I want to publish a memoir or novel or play at some point in my life, and I will.  (As a side note, this blog has been one of the best things that ever happened to me, and to those of you that put up with my ramblings and continue to read~I give you my deepest, most heartfelt thanks.)

3) This one is tough. My last “biggie” is to find my other half. I do believe in soul mates and other halves, although I believe that number to be greater than one for each person. I thought I found mine many years ago, but what I ended up finding was one of the greatest lessons I’d ever learn about myself, life and love. Some time has passed, and a few months ago I realized in a burst of agony and hope that I’m very much ready for a partner. Not my perfect match, not a prince, not an idealized mate, but someone who wants to walk through life with me, willing to put up with my many idiosyncrasies and quirks all the while recognizing what they’ve got next to them. It’s been a challenging few months realizing the reality of dating in NYC in 2014, but I can’t help but think about what my lovely European friend said to me a few days ago and I’m putting all my stock in that. “Belief + Faith + Patience = Love.”

So there they are.  My three “biggies.” I know it’s up to me now to manifest these dreams and I’m ready.

Here we go.

Let’s fly.
photo 2