How to Be…Grateful.

by Lindsay Timmington

Day 7 of the yoga_girl #yogagirlchallenge is Thank You.

I don’t know where to begin. What I lack in my life pales in comparison to what I have and who I am loved by. Family, friends, foes, teachers, and my sweet Fable, Anouk and Roux all give me more than I could ever imagine and a lifetime wouldn’t be enough to begin the thank-you’s.

So today I choose to thank this sweet, startling life-altering film that’s dear to my heart.  It spun the phrase that I return to when I’m overwhelmed with the goodness of life and terrified it’ll be but a fleeting moment.  It carries the song that I also walked down the aisle to, years before the movie came out. The first time I watched it, my heart jumped when I heard the opening phrases of the song that my husband and I deemed “our song,” commissioned a custom version of and had danced our first dance to-it wasn’t a well known song by a well known band and I took this as a sign to pay close attention to the movie, I knew it had something to tell me. The second time I watched the movie I fought back tears as I thought about the husband I was separated from, thousands of miles away, the song now filed under “painful memories” in my head and heart.  I took this as a sign to once again pay close attention to the movie, I knew it had something to tell me.

And it did.  It does. It had something to teach me about gratitude at a point in my life where I was least grateful, so that when I found myself overwhelmed with gratitude in the future I’d understand and not let it go without notice.

“I’m trying to let go of the whole idea that we have to pay for our joy with sorrow or tragedy that there has to be some kind of karmic balance, but it sure feels that way…About a year ago I was in this cab and this cab driver, this Indian guy, he started telling me all sorts of stuff.

He was just looking at me in the rearview mirror and he said, ‘Bliss. Bliss is your birthright. You have great potential in this lifetime. The key to your life is gratitude, you do not give enough thanks.’

I said, ‘Well, how do I do that?”

And he said, ‘Simple. Say thank you.’

I said, ‘When?’

And he said, ‘All the time. Right now.’ And he said after I say thank you, I should say ‘more please.’ He said that with gratitude, the universe is eternally abundant.’

So I’ve been giving gratitude a shot.”


When I give gratitude a shot today, it looks a little something like this though I recognize it’s still lacking~


to my Mom and Dad for life, love and everything in between.

to J & D for all the running shoes (both literal and figurative) with which I chase my dreams.

to Lo, Shi, Patty, Donnie, Annie, the Bklyn4 and more friends than I can ever imagine who pick me up, keep me grounded and live the definition of unconditional friendship.

to my sister and brother who let me boss them around, beat them up and still want to be my friend.

to Mr. Gulner, the best teacher I ever had.

to all the people and places and things that have challenged me, broken me and forced me to grow-without you I’d never know my own strength.

to every person who reads my scribbles…you don’t know what it means to me and how you play a part in fulfilling one of my dreams.

Thank you. More please.